‘Arctic Blast’ to Sweep Across Entire Nation This Week

friday-chillThe closing days of 2016 have been relatively warm for most, however, all of this is about to change in only a matter of hours as an “Arctic Blast” will deliver a surge of frigid polar air to nearly every city in America.

According to meteorologists at the National Weather Service, air from the far-north will be carried across the nation in a southeastern direction via the jet stream, leading to the coldest December temperatures many places have seen in years.

The surge of Arctic air will first arrive in the Pacific Northwest on Monday, dropping temperatures in Montana to -20F.

Continuing its trek across the nation, frigid temperatures will arrive in Western Kentucky Wednesday, and by 1 a.m. Friday, temperatures in Lexington, Kentucky, are expected to drop to 19-degrees.

In West Virginia, temperatures will drop to 20-degrees early Friday morning, rising only to 28 for the day, before falling to 17-degrees on Saturday morning.

Adding to the chilling weather will be the strong winds, which will plummet wind chill temperatures below 10-degrees for most of Appalachia and into the teens across much of the Southeast.

Unfortunately, forecasters believe this week’s surge of chilly air will be only the first wave of what may be several blasts of arctic air that will sweep across the nation throughout December.

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