Man Kicked Off Plane Has History of Being Obnoxious on Flights: Claimed to Have Smuggled Himself onto Airplane in Suitcase

YouTube Video

Wednesday morning, Adam Saleh, a YouTube prankster who claims to be “a professional idiot” found himself as the most talked about individual on social media after posting a video from London’s Heathrow Airport which showed him being apparently “kicked off” an airplane for no other reason than speaking with his mother in “another language.”

After sharing the video with his nearly 300,000 Twitter followers, #BoycottDelta became the top trending item on Twitter with users of the social media platform pledging to cease doing business with the “racist company” due to them reportedly kicking the 23-year-old New York native off their plane.

Saleh later posted multiple updates via Twitter:

Though at face value, the vlogger’s story is heartwrenching, upon deeper inspection, one can’t help but question whether Saleh’s most recent controversy isn’t just another chapter in a long series of controversies and stunts for the sake of garnering attention.

A video titled “Racial Profiling Experiment'” uploaded on Saleh’s YouTube channel in October 2014 became viral around the world. In the video Saleh and Sheikh Akbar argued with each other in front of a police officer wearing western outfits, but the cop ignored them. A few minutes later they fight again while dressed in Muslim clothes, but this time the cop stops them and behaves rudely with them. The video received more than 200,000 views on YouTube and it was also picked up by media. Public reaction to the video was against the police officer. Later Saleh admitted that the video was a hoax.

The Daily Mail has referred to Saleh as a “criminal” for his YouTube video in which he steals his manager’s car to prank him, and drives it with one hand while holding the camera and saying that he cannot legally drive in the United Kingdom.

These videos pale in comparison to a more recent video Saleh published onto YouTube on December 13, 2016, when he claimed to have flown from Melbourne to Syndey… in a suitcase: “I Smuggled Myself On A Plane to Another City and IT WORKED!!! (IN A SUITCASE)”

The video forced Tiger Air to release a statement directly to the YouTube prankster, saying, “You wouldn’t have been accepted by our automated bag drop machines in Melbourne as they only take a maximum 32kg per piece… It gets pretty cold at 36,000 feet without any heating… by the time you arrived in Sydney you would have been a popsicle…  We have footage of you boarding the aircraft (using your legs).”

Other published videos from “the professional idiot”  reveal that he has a habit of being a rude passenger on an airplane — regardless of his spoken language: loudly counting backwards, videoing other passengers and just generally being obnoxious.

With video titles such as “Never wear this on a plane in America”, “Arabs on a Plane!!” and “Counting down in Arabic on a plane experiment!!” one can’t help but wonder if perhaps today’s actions by Delta weren’t as unwarranted as maybe thought…

Regardless, when Mr. Selah’s plane finally arrives in NYC Wednesday evening, he will be stepping off into a world that knows his name and one in which he is the center of attention — precisely what he has apparently been craving his entire life.

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